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Winter Is Coming – Make Sure You Know How To Deal With Frozen Pipes 2nd December 2014

With extreme weather comes extreme plumbing problems.  Frozen pipes is just one of the many winter related plumbing issues that plumbers have to handle on a regular basis.

Many newer boilers have preventative systems in place to stop your hot water pipes from freezing, however older ones do not – so you need to know what to do to prevent them from freezing when the temperatures drop below zero degrees.

If you do one or more of the following, it should help prevent the pipes freezing.

  • Make sure the pipes are away from any drafts
  • Insulate the pipes fully with fiberglass or foam – make sure the connections are seamless by using electrical tape to join the insulation.
  • If most of the pipe work is in a small space, point a heat lamp at the pipes when temperatures get really low.
  • If the property is going to be empty over the winter months then drain the plumbing system before you leave.

What happens if you did none of the above and the pipes froze? Well, to unfreeze your pipes try the following.

  • Try to locate the frozen pipe(s) by turning on taps around the house and monitoring if any water is coming through. Do this for both hot and cold water.
  • Once located, you can either use a small hair dryer, hot towel or heat lamp / electric heater to warm the pipes up.
  • Make sure not to use a gas torch as this will damage the pipes.
  • When trying to thaw the ice, check that there are no cracks in the pipework.

If you can’t find where the frozen pipe is then it is worth contacting your local plumber (that would be us!) as they will have more experience in checking where the frozen pipes may be located.

If you have any problems this winter, please don’t hesitate in contacting us here at Teesdale Renewables.