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3 Procedures To Keep On Top Of Your Central Heating Maintenance 28th April 2015

Now that the days are getting longer and warmer (hopefully!) you should be less likely to use the central heating in your property.  But just because you aren’t using your heating as often as you do in winter you should still make sure your heating system is working to its full potential.

By having your heating system checked on a regular basis, you prevent it from becoming vulnerable to break downs, as increased stress on the system can cause expensive repair bills and turn theoretically turn into a serious problem.

Because you use your heating much more during the winter it could be prone to component failures, leaks and tank flooding – all these causes can actually cause damage to your heating system.

To make sure you save yourself expenses and trouble, it is very important to have your central heating system checked in advance of needing it so that if something really needs to be repaired or replaced, you will have it fixed in time.

There are three very effective maintenance measures you can take, which we’ll tell you about here:

1.  Power flushing

This is an efficient way of cleaning out radiators which do not seem to work at all or just at a limited capacity.  This procedure will remove any kind of debris and build-up which are causes of failure in most cases.

Once your radiators have been cleaned thoroughly they will heat up faster and more efficiently.

2.  Gas safety and boiler servicing

This is highly important as as poorly maintained gas appliances are one of the main causes of leaking gas.  Leaking gas can be a serious danger to the health of people exposed to it as it is colourless and odourless but at the same time it can be life threatening once inhaled.

Consequences can be fatal so make sure to nip any potential problems in the bud.

3.  Timers and thermostats

These should never be forgotten.  Timers and thermostats can be very useful when being well-positioned.  A thermostat that has been placed in an area of your home that is cooler than usual, for example, can eventually make your bill higher as the heating might be coming at times when it’s not necessarily needed.

These problems, however, can be easily fixed by your plumbing and heating engineer.

Is there anything you can do yourself?

You could save money by checking if the time on your central heating system clock and the timer schedules correspond with each other and both operate correctly as a system that is constantly running on high temperatures is more likely to cause possible issues and higher bills.

If you have a wireless thermostat to control your system, make sure to check and replace the batteries regularly since they can affect any control functions which thus can result in higher costs.

If you aren’t sure of any of the above, or you can’t remember the last time your heating system was serviced, then contact us on 01833 650669 to arrange an appointment