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2 Major Advantages Of Installing Biomass 20th February 2015

Biomass is organic matter that can be turned into a source of clean-burning fuel used to generate heat.  Renewable energy is preferable to traditional sources of energy as its supply is not finite.  Biomass is now established globally as the most widely used source of renewable energy helping to greatly reduce the Carbon Footprint of its users.

Biomass offers two major advantages; firstly to the environment, and then to you financially.

Here we will show you how these are both good for you.


Using Biomass fuel to meet your heating requirements is considered Carbon Neutral because the burning of biomass releases carbon that has already been removed from the atmosphere.  The embedded carbon emissions from the production and handling of Biomass wood fuel is lower in comparison to conventional fossil fuels which means getting the fuel from the forest to your hopper will produce far less CO2 than fossil fuels.

Switching to a renewable source for your energy needs can help you to reduce your Carbon Footprint and the impact that your operations may have upon the environment by adopting a source of Carbon Neutral fuel whilst at the same time reducing the burning of fossil fuels to create the same energy.


The current price of biofuel’s such as wood pellets and wood chip are much cheaper in comparison to fossil fuels, especially Oil and LPG, and they are also far less sensitive to the price volatility that we are seeing with traditional fuel sources.

As conventional sources of fossil fuel energy become more scarce and difficult to extract this will drive up the price that consumers pay for their energy.  Whereas Biomass wood fuel can provide consumers with a source of energy often sourced from within the UK from a renewable source which in turn allows for costs to be more stable and more competitive as access to market is easier for producers of wood fuels.

The Government introduced the Renewable Heat Incentive in order to encourage businesses to invest in renewable heating technologies, the most popular type of which is Biomass boiler systems.  The scheme has been designed to pay the owner of an installation for the heat used on a quarterly basis for 20 years.

Not only does heating with biomass offer you a more stable and cheaper source of fuel now and for the future but you also get paid to use it.  Contact us to find out how Teesdale Renewables can help you reduce bills and secure RHI income.